Snap Rental Cars: A Review

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Snap Rental Cars: A Review

R   Snap is the greatest spot to rent a car in New Zealand. Snap has four locations in New Zealand where you rental cars; three are at airports. This facilitates the ability to travel by car all over the country. The beaches of the North Island can be seen from Auckland.

Users can see the South Island’s lakes and mountains from Christchurch or Queenstown. We also have a lot of places where you can rent a car. You can go from the North Island to a South Island or from the South Island to the North Island. When you get to Snap, the rental cars are safe, clean, and ready. 

Snap makes it easy and cheap to rent a car, whether you want one for a day or a month. We have many car rental options, like cheap car rentals, 4wd hire, 7-seater car rentals, or even fully electric vehicle hire. You can compare our rental cars on our Vehicles page to determine the most suitable one for your trip.

Snap is one of the most eco-friendly car rental companies in New Zealand, so you can feel good about renting a car from us. Our goal is to have all-electric or electric cars with hybrid engines by 2025. This is a promise that we are the first rental car business in New Zealand to make.

One-way car rental

You can rent a car just one way from any of our four rental places in New Zealand. We have office buildings in Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown, so you don’t have to worry about how to get from the North Island to the South Island or from the South Island to the North Island. 

Customers frequently rent cars from Auckland to Queenstown, Queenstown to Auckland, and Christchurch to Queenstown. When you book online, put Auckland Airport as your pick-up location and where your trip would end as your drop-off location. This will ensure that the right rates and fees (if there are any) are figured out. When we need to move some cars, we can sometimes give you a car for free.

Cheaper car rentals at airports

Most of the time, renting a car from a corporation inside the airport terminal costs more than renting a car outside. The primary reason for this is that renting a car from a place inside a terminal is very expensive, and there are also more security rules. Rental car companies near airports, like Snap, usually have cheaper cars and shuttle services to get you to and from their depots. Snap doesn’t charge for this service.

Car rental insurance

In New Zealand, most car rental companies offer a basic coverage level with every car they rent. They also offer ways to pay an extra daily fee to lower the insurance deductible. In New Zealand, rental car companies offer pretty much the same insurance options:

No deeper cuts than required

This option will always be the cheapest, but it also puts you at the most risk because if you get into an accident, you’ll have to pay a higher deductible.

A little more weight loss

Most of the time, the price for this option falls between the prices for no excess reduction and full excess reduction. It should be considered a good compromise between cheaper daily rates and less risk overall.

A total reduction of extra

Usually, this is the most expensive choice. It eliminates your excess and gives you extra benefits from some car rental companies, like Snap. If you go this route, you won’t have to worry about anything. Your risk tolerance and ability to pay the excess if anything goes wrong to determine the sort of insurance you should purchase. 

When people rent cars from Snap, we always tell them they should obtain the greatest insurance coverage possible. This will make you feel good while you’re on your journey. This is particularly significant since when you hire a car, you often drive a vehicle you don’t have experience with on roadways you don’t know about with other individuals in the same scenario.

License limited

Yes, Snap lets people with restricted licenses and full licenses rent cars. When you have a restricted license and rent a car from Snap, the main difference is that you must purchase special insurance for people with restricted licenses. Aside from that, it’s just like having a full license. We can’t speak for every vehicle rental business in New Zealand, so if you wish to hire a car from some other company with a limited license, read their terms and conditions first.

Snap Choices

According to us, the best place for you to rent a car in New Zealand depends on what you want or where you want to go. If you’re only visiting friends and doing a few short-day excursions, hire an inexpensive vehicle like our Toyota Aqua Hybrid, which offers reasonable prices and excellent gas economy. 

This little automobile has sufficient capacity for a few suitcases, and the lack of legroom will not hinder day travel. If you’re looking to go a little further, you could use a rental car with more room for your bags and additional legroom. Our Toyota Corolla wagon is just what we need for this.

If you’re here in the winter to ski, you’ll need to rent a car with much more power and 4WD to reach the mountain parking lots. Either our RAV4 or our Prado would work well for this. Call our team to talk about the finest rental car for your journey to New Zealand before you book.


Before lockdowns, this issue was brought up a lot, but it’s being inquired about even more now. The price of a car depends on how many people want to rent one, and most people would like to rent a car at various times of the year (like summer vacation, long weekends, school breaks, etc.). 

This means that these are the times when people want to rent cars the most. In New Zealand, rental car companies only have a restricted number of cars, and as cars get booked up, prices tend to go up.

During the NZ lockdowns, there was a big drop in the number of people renting cars in Snap. Many car rental companies have cut the number of cars they rent out to sustain themselves. After the lockdowns, it was hard to rebuild these fleets because there weren’t enough cars, so the cost of rental cars went up.

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